Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bioethics at AstraZeneca

So, it turns out that AstraZeneca -- aka Fraud Central -- has a "Global Bioethics Policy."  The company says it will only work with research partners who  "embrace standards of ethical behavior that are consistent with our own."  Maybe that explains why the company was so enthusiastic about working with a Department of Psychiatry that had two researchers disqualified by the FDA in only three years.

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  1. AstraZeneca is sure one stand-up company alright. They also preach on their website that one of their core responsibilities to those taking part in one of their trials is to make sure that they protect them from any unnecessary risks. Throughout the research process, they claim to continuously make judgments on whether the potential benefits of a medicine continue to outweigh the risk of side effects. They also claim that in addition to complying with all relevant laws, they have strict internal procedures for managing safety issues during clinical trials and ensuring that they act in the best interest of participants. Regarding their Seroquel trials, I guess Suicide, Akathisia, and Diabetes are not considered big enough risks for patients to take against the potential benefits of receiving a drug induced good night’s sleep. In addition, they may want to consider adding to their core responsibility the little item of contracting qualified psychiatric researchers, not the Al Capone’s that they have hired from the U-MN that cave in to their every whim, whether it’s falsifying data, not reporting side effects, hiring non-qualified study coordinators, and engaging in the practice of coercion preying on the vulnerability of mentally ill subjects.