Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"I believe his role was to recruit patients for clinical trials," Kathy Swanson said.

Before 17 year-old Michael Swanson stole his parents' car and killed two convenience store clerks in Iowa, he was seen by University of Minnesota psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Jensen.  Jensen diagnosed Swanson with bipolar affective disorder and recommended the antipsychotic drug Abilify.  "There's a real concern about his use of force," Jensen wrote. "It would seem to me that likelihood of his repeating the theft of guns, robbery of people is probable and that without anti-psychotic medication, he may carry out these behaviors."

Instead of treating Swanson, however, according to a Fox 9 television report, Jensen recommended that he be enrolled in a research clinic at the University of Minnesota. Swanson's family did not see Jensen's report until 4 months later when attorneys got a copy for the murder trial.  Then they learned that Jensen was concerned their son was a "risk to society if un-medicated."

Watch the entire Fox 9 story by investigative reporter Jeff Baillon here.


  1. I think it was either Mark Rotenberg or Aaron Friedman that was quoted as describing the psychiatry department at the U-Minnesota as being internationally recognized. How true. Unfortunately the fame continues to grow for all the wrong and disgusting reasons. The list of ego-driven, money laundering, narcissistic psychiatrists still allowed to perform their experiments at the U-MN continues to grow. One would think that 'one' death is 'one' too many, but at the U the paper trail needs a new shredder, as the old one has burned out.

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