Friday, December 27, 2013

Minnesota's pathological mental health system

"Nobody stopped Bill Turnbull the night he turned himself into a battering ram and slammed his head repeatedly into a concrete wall."

"Nurses and aides at the Minnesota Security Hospital stood and watched — in fear for Turnbull’s life, but also in fear for their jobs if they dared to intervene. A state hospital once infamous for the overuse of patient restraints was now under new rules. To restrain Turnbull, they would need permission from their supervisor. But when they called her at home, records show, they were turned down repeatedly, and his ordeal went on until dawn."

"The events that unfolded that night in August 2012, detailed in licensing reports and other documents, reflect breakdowns in patient care that continue to shadow the state’s largest psychiatric hospital, Minnesota’s core treatment facility for the mentally ill and dangerous."

Be sure to read this astonishing piece by Paul McEnroe, the latest installment in the Star Tribune's alarming series on the failures of Minnesota's mental health system.

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