Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What does the president of Rutgers have in common with a human guinea pig?

They both get checks from a CRO.
It's not exactly news anymore to learn that a university president is getting corporate payola -- not even when the university is a public institution, and not even when the university is Rutgers (surely a top candidate for the most scandal-plagued institution in the country.)  The twist in the ongoing saga of Dr. Robert Barchi, formerly of Thomas Jefferson Medical University, is that one of his corporate payers is Covance, the contract research organization whose name will be familiar to guinea pig professionals all over the country. In addition to his salary for serving on the Covance corporate board, Barchi owns stock in Covance worth over $2.5 million.  (To my knowledge, subjects in Covance trials are not offered the chance to be paid in stock options.)

Update: be sure to check the comments on the Barchi scandal by Roy Poses at Health Care Renewal.

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