Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goldy Gopher boards Air Force One


  1. We have 'Retraction Watch' and now Ben Goldacre's initiative to get all clinical trial data published (''), but there is no single source that I can find where research misconduct is cataloged by institution, investigator and outcome. I think this would be an enormously useful tool for individuals considering participation in trials, as well as for holding 'repeat offender' sites accountable (including embarrassing OHRP for their inconsistent oversight).

    Just using publicly available media accounts and court proceedings would be enlightening and since this info is in the public domain, there should be no legal issues with consolidating it in a single location.

    I was stunned that other U of MN investigators seemingly did not know the history of the U of MN's research misconduct and I'm sure that other institutions benefit from the same lack of public exposure (Rutger's and Johns Hopkins come to mind). Maybe the best way to get them to change institutionally-ingrained bad behavior is to 'out' them for it.

    No idea how much resource investment this sort of thing would take and certainly there would be little in the way of financial support for it from pharma or institutions, but it sure would be helpful.

    Is there something like this already? Do you think this is feasible?

    1. Well, Circare dcouments some of this, although the list is not comprehensive.

      The main problem is that most research misconduct is never investigated, and if it goes to court, the proceedings are not public.