Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God's Will

God's Will from The Center for Public Television on Vimeo.

"Will Campbell was one of three men who shepherded the Little Rock Nine through an angry white mob before the National Guard was federalized. He was the only white man at the founding of SCLC. He was a friend and confidant of Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, John Lewis and others, and worked as a strategist and negotiator at every major civil rights campaign of the movement. 'He was', according to David Halberstam, 'a walking nerve center--enormously important, but so deft and nimble that the reactionaries never caught on to him. His fingers were everywhere, but when you looked around there were no fingerprints.'"

"This was an unusual role for a Baptist preacher from rural Mississippi. But Campbell, who had been ordained at the age of 17, came to view civil rights as an extension of Christianity, and after finishing a divinity degree at Yale, he abandoned the pulpit, but not the faith when he became a free lance operative for the National Council of Churches charged with doing whatever he thought appropriate to promote racial cooperation in the south."

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