Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A new statement from the U, same as the old statement

Apparently, President Kaler has gotten tired of answering letters from Leigh Turner about the death of Dan Markingson.  He has turned the job over to William Donohue, Mark Rotenberg's replacement as General Counsel.  In fact, however, it doesn't really matter much who signs these letters.  They all say the same thing.  Which is some version of: "We won't discuss the case or argue with you about it; you'll just have to trust us when we say we've been exonerated."

And yet, once you've seen several dozen of these statements, you start to notice the small differences.  For example, Donohue has dropped the claim that the IRB investigated Markingson's death.  (Presumably this is because the IRB never investigated.)  He has also dropped the claim that the Office of the Attorney General investigated the death and cleared the U.  (Presumably this is because of the recent letter by the Office of the Attorney General stating that this claim is untrue.)

But there are small additions too.  Like Aaron Friedman, Donohue claims that the case was reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel.  I'm not exactly certain what "review" he is referring to; the Office of the General Counsel is responsible for defending the university in court, not conducting independent reviews of research misconduct.  But if the Office of the General Counsel conducted an independent review, as the letter implies, what did that review conclude and why has it not been made public?


  1. The Gen'l Counsel for the University has reviewed this, he says? Isn't that sort of like saying, "I asked my lawyer, and he says I'm not guilty" ? (Of course he can't give you any reports! That's privileged!)

  2. The University promotes a new "Wagon-Master" and all he knows how to do is circle the wagons in same defensive maneuver as the old master. Interesting though is the fact that only one of two things could have happened at the U regarding the Markingson case and subsequent lawsuit. The University has claimed that all of investigations took place and exonerated them, but there is no proof beyond a watered down FDA report that is probably being used in training sessions as how not-to-do an FDA investigation. Mary Weiss's attorney's received absolutely no documents from the Board of Medical Practice, The Hennepin County Court, nor the State of Minnesota Attorney General's Office that indicate any of these bodies ever investigated the University regarding the Markingson death. So, either the University withheld these documents from discovery in the lawsuit, which would violate state law and bring criminal charges, or they simply have never existed. The last 10 days have cleared up whether the Attorney General's Office or the Minnesota Medical Board ever did any investigation as the U has stated. THEY NEVER DID. The mission of the U..."Driven to Discover" realistically just means discovering new ways to commit perjury or fraud. And they're good at it.