Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remembering Dan Markingson

Tomorrow, May 8, 2013, will mark the ninth anniversary of the death of Dan Markingson in the CAFE study at the University of Minnesota.  It will also mark nine years of hard work by his mother, Mary Weiss, to uncover the circumstances of Dan's death and obtain justice from those responsible. Please consider remembering Dan by blogging, tweeting or passing along a link to the petition to investigate.


  1. Maybe it's not appropriate to leave this comment, but things like that have never seemed to bother me in the past in dealing with CAFE' staff and the UMN. Dan died on a Saturday morning, and the following Tuesday, late morning, a knock on the door showed a delivery guy holding a plant for Mary. The plant it turned out was from the CAFE' team with a note that stated..."we'll miss his smile," Mary took a hold of the plant, didn't say nary a word, and took off in her car for the U. She deposited the plant on Jean Kenney's desk and screamed at her..."how dare you" That's when war was declared.

    1. Hello Mr. Howard, I don't believe we have met, yet. You would probably agree that identification of the enemy is paramount to victory. I recommend that photographs of the CAFE study employees be posted here. That way there will be no mistakes, or misunderstandings about who the enemies really are.

      I am respectfully yours,

  2. Dan will never be forgotten. He may not be with us now but he would be so proud of his mother as I am. She is a fighter in more ways than one. Dan is missed everyday. He left us with wonderful memories. Wish you were with us, love you and miss you!