Monday, April 8, 2013

Another departure from the Nixon White House

It’s a funny thing, this psychiatric research scandal. The people associated with it keep disappearing.  Last year saw the quiet departure of Moira Keane, the director of the IRB.  In December, there was the retirement of Tim Mulcahy, the VP for Research.  Shortly afterwards, Aaron Friedman, the Dean of the Medical School and VP for Health Research, announced he would be stepping down.  And today comes the news that Mark Rotenberg, the General Counsel and chief defender of the university’s actions, is leaving for a new job at Johns Hopkins.  This raises an obvious question.  With Rotenberg gone, who is going to stonewall reporters, harass faculty and insist that the U has been exonerated of all wrongdoing?

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  1. Well the state certainly got their money's worth having his highness leading the legal counsel at the University of Minnesota for all these years. There has to be some kind of prize for uttering the words "exonerated" or "we deny" or "our internal investigation found" or the best one of all...those "forms were fabricated" at least twenty-thousand times with out once ever having to produce a document. He's made Minnesota proud.