Saturday, March 16, 2013

"The case of Mr Dan Markingson is a continuing reminder that to reform health care, health care organizations need to be led by people who put the health care mission first and are willing to be accountable for that mission"

On the Health Care Renewal blog, Dr. Roy Poses of Brown University weighs in on the research scandal, the petition, and the refusal of University of Minnesota officials to look fairly at the case:

"A very troubling aspect of this case is that it has shown that the university leadership has seemed to care, at best, more about fending off litigation than upholding the university's mission.  The mission of the university is supposed to be discovering and disseminating the truth in a spirit of free inquiry.  Added to the mission of medical schools and university teaching hospitals is taking good care of patients, and putting the patients' interests ahead of all other concerns.  Yet, in this case, university leaders have not seemed to care whether in their haste to push back legal liability they were stepping on their faculty's academic freedom and free speech, the integrity of the medical research done at the university, and most importantly the rights of their patients and research subjects."

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