Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Some days I feel like I’m lost in a fun house with mirrors distorting everything beyond belief"

In her latest post for Scientific American on the Markingson case, Dr. Judy Stone writes about the evasiveness and stonewalling that she has gotten from the U when she asks direct questions.  I especially appreciated this section about her exchange with PR spokesman Justin Paquette:

There was one response from Paquette that was particularly disturbing, given that he should be very familiar with this trial. Regarding Dan Markingson’s competency, Paquette tried to assure me that “the Court” had declared Dan competent to consent to this trial and had agreed to Dan’s participation. I countered that David Pettit, the case manager, didn’t even see Dan until 10/26/03, five days after he was enrolled on the trial. Surprisingly, Paquette reiterated it wasn’t Pettit, that “the Court had agreed to Dan’s participation.”

Perhaps this was an innocent slip of the tongue or memory. I would have expected the University’s spokesperson for this trial for several years to be more familiar with major details that are recurrently raised, and to be able to provide documents to refute specific concerns. But Paquette and Rotenberg have received multiple e-mails and calls from me since March 8 asking about this point, and have yet to provide any documentation of this claim.

I wonder if that is because there is none. In fact, Dr. Olson (deposition pages 78-79) makes the statement that he never informed the court about Dan going into the study…only that Dan’s county case manager approved it…who was never appointed until days after Dan was signed and enrolled on the trial.

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