Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No records for you today!

As expected, the University of Minnesota has refused my Data Practices Act request for redacted copies of the "evaluation to consent" forms in the CAFE and CATIE studies.  You can read the response here.

One surprise: the response says that "no human subjects were ever enrolled at the University of Minnesota" for the CATIE study.  Yet Stephen Olson is listed as a CATIE study investigator in the published article about the study, and Jean Kenney, his study coordinator, says in her deposition that she worked on the CATIE study.  Yet they did not enroll a single one of the 1493 subjects include in the study?  Very strange.

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  1. I am aware of another trial that 4 sites were funded, and have authors listed in journal articles reporting the results; but only two of the 4 sites enrolled subjects.