Thursday, March 14, 2013

From the family of Mary Weiss

Many people have left wonderful comments on the petition to have the university investigated, but none have been more moving than those left by Dan and Mary's family.

Dan was my cousin and had so many talents and aspirations. We all miss him dearly and no words can express the loss that my aunt Mary has experienced, that we all feel still. I hope positive change can come from this.
-- Michelle Ney

Dan was a beautiful person and what happened to him was such a tragedy and I hope an investigation is made so that no other person in a clinical trial has to suffer and go through what Dan and his family has endured!
-- Mary Pesha

Dan was my nephew and he is missed every day. He was such a wonderful person and what a tragic loss this was. This can never happen again!
-- Diane Ney

Dan Markingson is my cousin--we were very close growing up, and I miss him dearly.
-- Jennifer Samuels

Mary is my aunt and the day we lost Dan, we lost her too. They say after losing your own child, you are never the same.  This is very true.  I wish we could have both of them back.
-- Christine O’Donnell

Dan was my cousin, he deserved better in-depth care than what was provided. Why was Mary ignored? A mother knows her child like no other. A needless death for favorable study results and profit? Please take a moment to sign this petition, so no one else suffers. Thanks.
 -- Christina Weiss

So many wrongs were done and ethics ignored that lead to death of my cousin Dan Markingson in the CAFE study at the University of Minnesota and many warning signs were present but deeply ignored by the Doctors and staff involved in the study. There NEEDS to be changes to prevent another tragic death due to definite misconduct at the University.
 -- Nicollette Weiss

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  1. I recently stumbled across the documentary on hulu, I was stunned by Mary's story. As a British citizen living in the US for 3 years, I am amazed how easy it is to get a prescription, the fact that the medical profession is an industry is so wrong as the dish out drugs like confetti, as long as someone is paying. In some regards the help can be well received, however I am very suspicious, particularly as one of my friends has been 'diagnosed' as bipolar in an instant and given a prescription, in the UK this would have been a last resort, i.e. changes to lifestyle, diet, exercise, all would have been tried, in the US it is a stroke of a pen.
    Keep fighting Mary
    With Love