Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paul Knoepfler on Leigh Turner

"The runner-up for the 2012 award is Dr. Leigh Turner of the University of Minnesota. Leigh took the courageous, outside-the-box step in 2012 of contacting the FDA to investigate Celltex when he perceived patients could be at risk. As “thanks” for his action, he was put under enormous pressure and there was talk of possible litigation against him. Pressure was applied to his employer, the University of Minnesota. We’ll never know for sure, but from everything that I know I believe that Leigh’s actions directly led to prompt FDA action, which otherwise might not have happened at all or until much later. In my opinion, Leigh’s act of courage, helped make hundreds of patients safer in a direct way and indirectly may have set a higher standard for the field of stem cell treatments. It may also inspire other folks to contact the FDA if they perceive specific entities are putting patients at risk. I’d also like to note Doug Sipp here, who sometimes works together with Leigh, for his courageous efforts to educate the community on unlicensed stem cell operations as well, often “thanked” with threatened litigation too."

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