Monday, November 19, 2012

What did it cost to defend sanctioned social worker in the Markingson case?

The University of Minnesota paid "a portion" of Jean Kenney's legal bills in her case with the Minnesota Board of Social Work, according to today's City PagesA data practice request has revealed that university paid  $18,909 for Kenney's attorney, and $3,864 to Dr. Frederic Reamer of Rhode Island College for expert testimony on Kenney's behalf.  That comes to a total of $22,773.

For a complaint that was filed over 3 1/2 years ago, these figures seem remarkably low.  The question now is: exactly what portion of Kenney's legal bills did the university pay, and who paid for the rest?

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  1. Unfortunately, as well reported and written as the City Pages piece was, one thing missing was the "expert opinion" obtained by the Minnesota Board of Social Work. They had commissioned an investigator to substantiate or disprove the allegations in the original complaint filed with the board. The fruits of that investigation produced the core of the corrective action agreed too and signed by Jean Kenney. Contrary to the expert opinion bought and paid for by the University to try and disprove the complaint. If the case against Ms. Kenney had no merit, why didn't she pursue total acquittal? Unfortunately for the University this is one segment of the Markingson case they could't claim statutory immunity and walk away.