Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nemeroff is back

He may have failed to report $12 million in drug company payments; he may have prompted a US Senate investigation; he may have been banned from applying for NIH grants by his former employer, Emory University.  But that doesn't mean the NIH won't fund him.  Read about it here.

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  1. Recently I read somewhere that "disgust" has a role in psychiatric illness, although it did not indicate how extreme disgust relates with more severe forms of illness. Thank god. Otherwise I'd be a candidate for some psychiatric clinical trial after reading this article. Briefly, disgust is readily distinguished from other emotions, and has distinct facial expressions, and has specific physical effects such as nausea. At it's absolute core, disgust means a "bad taste," that seems to preclude the gagging reflex that is a characteristic response to offensive material relating too so-called research psychiatrists. You know...the ones that are only in it for themselves and their bank account. I guess what I'm saying is because it's so disgusting reading about Nemeroff, Charles Schulz, Biederman, etc that it may not only cause physical harm, it may actually be psychologically harmful.