Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to motivate bill collectors and intimidate patients

More from Maura Lerner in the Star Tribune, on the bill collecting tactics deployed by Accretive Health at Fairview Hospital:

"In October 2010, an Accretive manager named Sam Moen, the son of a prominent Fairview physician, offered to dress up as KFC mascot Colonel Sanders or Waldo, the popular children's book character, if employees on one unit surpassed a collections goal of $8,000 for the week. When they succeeded, he allowed the staff to vote on which costume he would wear."

And also this internal e-mail from a collector at Accretive's Kalamazoo office, on his tactics:

 "I make the deadbeats feel like s---, talk nicely to women who sound education/have money, and am firm with dumb f----. If they say something stupid, I make sure they know they've said something stupid."

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  1. So I read they targeted women in Obstetrics and Delivery because they were an easy target. How did that dialogue go, one wonders?: "You're a dumb f---, your husband's a dumb f---; do you want your newborn to grow up to be a dumb f---, too?! Pay me the f---n money!" Or, if they only referred to patients that way in emails, never in person, everything's cool, right? So we have to feel sorry for them that they're being so unfairly maligned in the press. And this could only have been all engineered out of pure malice on the part of the A.G.'s office they'd have us believe. After all, how can J. Michael Cline be a bad guy when he donated $5 mil. to big-cat conservation?