Friday, April 20, 2012

Pop Matters: The first review of Off Label

"Off Label brilliantly exposes how the many routes from faith and trust to desperation and despair are varied and sometimes hard to trace. It’s a fitting juxtaposition that the film conveys such intimate and difficult stories in images that are at once gorgeous and fleeting: trees dappled by sunlight, snowflakes whirling around gravestones, revolving doors reflecting hurrying forms and library microfiche machines whirring. Another set of machines—shiny and huge—pump and churn out hundreds of pills at a time, these nearly abstract images set alongside DEA agents dumping plastic sacks of medication into bins. As pills spill onto the camera like so many pink-and-yellow-and-blue promises, you see how this fiction of faith persists."

Read the review here.

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  1. This is a great film documentary. It needs to be shown at the University of Minnesota without all the "Troubled Waters" controversy. Perhaps it should be mandatory viewing for all psychiatry 101 classes.