Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fairview sinks deeper

What's worse than a teaching hospital hiring a unsavory bill collecting agency to hound patients in the hospital?  Well, what if the CEO and chief physician both had sons working for the bill collecting agency?  And what if the chief physician had stock in the agency?

Not a problem, says the Fairview Board of Directors, which includes University of Minnesota officials Aaron Friedman and Mark Paller.  The board met on Thursday evening and the Fairview CEO "emerged with full support," according to the Star Tribune.  Fairview has cut its ties with the bill collector, Accretive Health, but Fairview "must still contend with questions from the federal agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid, a major source of hospital funding, and which enforces federal patient-access laws."

Read the rest of the article by Tony Kennedy and Maura Lerner here.

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  1. Fairview Riverside has a hallowed history of illegally peeking at private HIPAA information, especially if a patient happened to end up in one of their mental health wards. Rumor has it that old Station 12, now renamed Station 20, was specifically designed to be used for research on the unsuspecting mentally ill. No ethics, morals or legalities were going to stop the cash train that was pharma funded clinical trials on the unprotected mentally ill. More to come on this issue I'm quite sure.