Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Europe's largest stem cell clinic, shut down after the death of a child, is back in business

From The Telegraph:

"The XCell-Center was ordered to close following an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph into its controversial therapies. The clinic was accused of preying on thousands of vulnerable patients — many of them British — who traveled to its hospital in Dusseldorf in Germany for treatment that cost tens of thousands of pounds but was clinically unproven."

"But after an undercover investigation by The Sunday Telegraph, which revealed how one child died and another was seriously injured after stem cells were injected into their brains, German authorities forced the clinic’s closure."

Its chief executive and founder, Cornelis Kleinbloesem, has now relocated his business to Lebanon, using a London company to process patients’ stem cells. His company, Cells4health, is offering brain surgery for £23,000 and spinal cord operations for £32,000."

Read about it here.  

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