Monday, April 9, 2012

"As for Celltex’s reaction, I wasn’t expecting a thank-you card from company executives"

Part 3 of Bill Heisel's interview with Leigh Turner about Celltex, stem cell clinics, Glenn McGee and the American Journal of Bioethics is online at Reporting on Health.  A highlight:

"Lest anyone think that I’ve forgotten about The American Journal of Bioethics, I hope that the current editors of the journal resign or are dismissed from their positions. If this step is not taken, I hope scholars in bioethics and other fields boycott AJOB and find other journals for their research."

"Having the editor of AJOB go to work for Celltex is a massive embarrassment for the field of bioethics. Replacing Glenn McGee with his spouse and having this move not result in the resignation of every member of the editorial board indicates that this journal suffers from a crisis of governance and legitimacy. Time will pass, but if the leadership of AJOB remains unchanged the stench of this debacle will remain."

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