Monday, March 19, 2012

Minnesota gets a D+ on public corruption scorecard

Minnesota sits just above failure on the corruption risk report card produced by the Center for Public Integrity.  At number 25, it ranks below Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Minnesota gets an F on "judicial accountability" and "ethics enforcement agencies."

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  1. My fathers RIGHT TO LIFE, taken by THE CORRUPT!

    My family and I have been victimized by the corruption in St. Louis County, District 6, Hibbing MN. for over a decade. Those involved recently orchestrated a horrific scheme that ultimately took my fathers life? A chronological record of this public corruption can be found here ~

    This corruption has reached every sector of my community and is the least exposed by those victimized due to the heinous means by which these corrupt public servants assisted by private sector accomplices use as retaliation and intimidation.

    I recently assembled a petition to MN. Governor Mark Dayton to: Order an Independent Investigation Addressing the Corruption. Within a week of it's circulation the suspicious events that lead to my fathers death ensued. Two weeks later, he was dead, euthanized by an attending physician(s) at the Fairview Range Mesabi Hospital in Hibbing. This euthanization was assisted by the Guardian Angels Nursing Home in Hibbing, North Star Hospice Staff an affiliate of the aforementioned hospital, St. Louis County Dept. of Health and Minnesota Department of Human Services Aging and Adult Services Division Adult Protection.

    Please stand with me in support of my petition ~

    or contact Governor Mark Dayton directly at ~

    Updates and news concerning this corruption are posted on this events page ~

    If not a Minnesotan directly affected, please sign and show your support against law enforcement, attorney and judicial corruption!

    The corrupt schemers responsible for the recent death of my father and 3 detainees who's deaths while in custody ARE NOT COINCIDENTAL. Nor is the death of my father. Exactly 1 week following the circulation of this petition, I received a phone call from him, indicating he was sick. Once by his side at the hospital, his first words to me were, "this is a conspiracy". Two weeks later following many suspicious events, he was dead! Euthanized!

    Thank You,
    Debra J. Matheny