Thursday, March 22, 2012

"After the housing bubble, get ready for the Big Pharma bubble"

Martha Rosenberg, on the coming crisis.

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  1. Interesting article and report on clinical trials conducted in India. Local ties involve Charles Schulz, chair of psychiatry at the UMN. Schulz penned his name to a published paper on Seroquel XR, study #132, that was done in India as well as other locations out of the United States after the the identical study he was conducting failed to show advantages by using Seroquel XR over a placebo. Serious allegations arouse from the health authority in India over the AstraZeneca sponsored study because enrollees were harmed, some had no consent forms, a bounty was paid to the trial investigators for enrolling subjects...but old Chuck endorsed the data and promoted Seroquel XR around the U.S.A. every-time AstraZeneca would pay him to do it. Great science !!!!!