Tuesday, December 20, 2011

University of Minnesota surgeon with $1.2 million in undisclosed Medtronic payments is unrepentant

Medtronic may be getting hammered for its sleazy tactics promoting its bone product product, Infuse, but University of Minnesota surgeon David Polly is unrepentant about his role.  Yes, he took $1.2 million from Medtronic in consulting fees, and sure, he didn't tell the U.S. Senate that Medtronic had funded his trip to Washington to persuade the federal government to fund an Infuse study.  (After that trip,the Department of Defense awarded Polly and his University of Minnesota colleagues a $466,644 grant to study Infuse.)  But all that means is that Polly "didn't dot every 'I' and cross every 'T."  The University of Minnesota apparently agrees.  After an internal investigation, the university has decided that although Polly failed to disclose his conflicts of interest in three instances, he should not be disciplined.  The Dean did, however, send Polly a strongly worded letter.

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