Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scarface opens a drugstore

Tristram Korten has written a riveting article in Fast Company on Medicare fraud in Florida. Here is a sample.

"Over the past decade, individual criminal rings in South Florida have netted hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. This is drug-cartel level profit, but without the gunfights. And it has spawned a supporting economy to service it. There is a brisk trade in stolen patient and doctor IDs. Shady car dealerships and check-cashing stores provide fronts for money laundering. Disreputable lawyers reportedly hold seminars on how to set up shop and bill the government. One former prosecutor I talked with speculated that Miami's economy would grind to a halt if all Medicare fraud stopped overnight. In certain parts of town, it is easy to find low-rent office complexes packed with doctors' offices, therapy clinics, and medical-supply stores all closed in the middle of the day. Many of the ones that are open have the exact same sign posted by the door: please be advised that this office will not allow unannounced visits by insurance company investigators."

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