Monday, June 13, 2011

Dean of medicine busted for plagiarism

The Dean of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Philip Baker, delivered a stirring graduation speech to the medical school class of 2011 on Friday, complete with moving personal anecdotes about his wife and children.  There was only one problem, according to the CBC: he apparently lifted the speech word for word from a similar speech by surgeon and New Yorker staff writer Atul Gawande.  Gawande's speech, which was delivered at Stanford University's 2010 medical school convocation, was later published on-line by the New Yorker.

University of Alberta medical students outed Baker when they found the speech online. In a statement on behalf of the students, class president Brittany Barber wrote,  "People should know that we will not stand for this academic dishonesty, and our deepest wish is that this incident does not reflect poorly on the integrity of our class, the medical school and, ultimately, the university."

Read about it at CBC News.

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