Monday, April 25, 2011

What about my money?

From a conversation between a GlaxoSmithKline rep and Dr. Zachary Stowe at Emory, reported by the Project on Government Oversight blog:

GSK Rep: I am sincerely sorry, but we will are going to have to cancel both programs scheduled for this Wed and Thur. in Wisconsin.

Dr. Stowe: What provisions do you propose for my compensation and lost time?
GSK Rep: (no response)

Dr. Stowe: I am willing to discuss modification of my compensation for the lost days e.g. renumeration for a single talk ($2,500) rather than the two scheduled.

GSK Rep: (no response)

Dr. Stowe: I have sent you 3 emails regarding the cancelled programs, and have yet to receive a reply….Simply you owe me a minimum of 2,500 for the first talk and 2,000 (since a spearate [sic] day should actually be 2,500) for the second talk, so you are still getting a $500 discount. This is a total of $4,500 that should be mailed asap.

GSK Rep: (no response)

Dr. Stowe to another GSK Rep: I do not want to be a prick, but given the time and frustration, I think she should arrange to pay me for both the talks as noted in my last email to her.
For background and a full explanation, read here.

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