Thursday, November 4, 2010

Selling stimulants by word of mouth

Read about this innovative marketing campaign here.


  1. This is pretty amazing. I was particularly struck by this part:

    "Participants were also given members-only access to a Web site where they could connect with other program participants in a private, moderated online community. . . . Participants could respond to MLR-approved “threads,” but could not start their own discussion topic. There were a series of keyword bans in place to prevent adverse events from being shared, as well as a code of conduct and a mission statement to reiterate the purpose of this online destination. The community was monitored for all content, and there were zero adverse events identified over the course of a 14-month engagement."

    This sounds like illegal promotion to me, insofar as this is a pharma-controlled marketing exercise in which the company is actively preventing reporting of adverse events -- i.e., ensuring that there isn't a balanced representation of the risks and benefits of the drug.

  2. This would be a great topic for someone who is looking for something to work on. In fact, I am tempted to work on it myself.