Monday, November 29, 2010

The latest F.A.D.

Are you a picky eater? Do people call you an infantile loser, just because you eat like a 4 year-old child? Well, the joke is on them. You're no loser; you suffer from Selective Eating Disorder.

This story has been making the rounds since this summer, with high-profile articles in the Wall Street Journal and, as well as and local news outlets. Of course, there's an online support group as well. Sadly, as yet there is no treatment for this terrible affliction. But researchers at Duke and the University of Pittsburgh are laying the groundwork for recognition of this disorder, with the aptly-named Food F.A.D. Study (Finicky Eating in Adults). As the Mayo Clinic observes, "[a]s more light is shed on selective eating disorder, more treatment options may become available."

Given the sudden flurry of attention to this crippling disorder, we can expect to see clinical trials for pharmaceutical treatments -- probably with drugs currently approved for O.C.D. -- within the next year. These new therapies will join the booming market for treatments of the various manifestations of Stunted Emotional Development Disorder, including promising new therapies for Extreme Couch Potato Syndrome, Emotional Incontinence and Relationship Avoidance and Insensitivity in Men.

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